4 Signs Asphalt Needs To Be Replaced

Asphalt pavement is utilized for its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. At Hasco Concrete and Paving, we evaluate your situation and recommend the best procedure for your parking lot. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and service, and we also know that sustainable asphalt takes careful implementation and maintenance. We provide services for everything from minor routine maintenance to total reconstruction depending on pavement condition. So, what are the signs that asphalt needs to be replaced?


Have you ever wondered what causes potholes? The process starts when water enters beneath the pavement. When that water freezes, it creates an upward pressure – causing the asphalt to crack. The ice eventually melts, leaving a significant indent. There are preventative treatments that can help the longevity of the pavement. Although these can help make the surface last longer, there will still come a time when asphalt reaches the end of its life cycle. Emergency pothole repair is an excellent short-term option, but it won’t completely fix the problems happening beneath the surface. If you’re seeing consistent pothole issues, it might be time for a full asphalt overlay.

Standing Puddles

Are there standing puddles in your parking lot for days after it rains? If the surface has become uneven, it may be a sign that it needs to be replaced. When water sits on asphalt for long periods of time, it eventually seeps through to the underlying layers. This will create deep cracks in the pavement, which can cause problems when vehicles roll over the area.

Fading Color

You might not think anything of the fading color of pavement, but it actually gives a clear picture about what’s going on below the surface. When pavement lightens in color, it is actually becoming harder over time. This is called oxidation. These changes are usually the effect of excessive sunlight or extreme weather. Oxidation means pavement is becoming less durable, leading to more cracks and uneven sections.

Heavy Cracking

Sometimes referred to as alligatoring, cracking pavement is perhaps the most obvious sign of weakening asphalt. The small cracks might not seem significant at first, but they can quickly become a huge problem. Although cracking in your parking lot is bound to happen eventually, it’s always best to ask your service provider about ongoing maintenance and a potential resurfacing timeline.

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