Understanding Asphalt Repairs
As pavement ages and becomes weathered, it shows noticeable signs of distress. Asphalt is known for its long life, but how do you know when it’s time to make a repair? Repairs are necessary when parts of the pavement begins to deteriorate. Although routine maintenance is beneficial, there comes a point where normal maintenance is no longer the most cost-effective option.  Settling You might notice asphalt settling in certain areas over time.  It can happen anywhere, but it doesn’t always need to be repaired immediately. Take a look at the area surrounding it, and see if it poses any potentially hazardous situations. This issue can usually be fixed by patching the area that is settling. Low Areas Does your property have areas that regularly collect sitting water? These puddles can become dangerous when the temperature falls below freezing. While some will be able to use salt to melt the ice during the cold parts of the year, others might need to invest in a new parking lot completely.  Alligator Cracks (Fatigue Cracking)  Some cracks in pavement resemble the skin of an alligator. These usually indicate that the base under the asphalt is wearing thin or that there are issues with the drainage system. If this is the case, asphalt should be removed from that area, the base stabilized, and a new asphalt patch should be installed. If the area is too large, a full replacement may be necessary. Potholes Potholes are usually created by alligator cracks that have gone untreated. These can be inconvenient for visitors on your property. Potholes can also pose a potential safety risk depending on their size. Some minor potholes can be repaired easily, while others may require a more in-depth solution. If the property has multiple potholes, the asphalt might need to be replaced altogether.  Rutting Rutting is caused by movement of the asphalt under the weight of heavy vehicles. It acts as a channel, and it can cause the surface to become uneven. Some rutting only requires surface patching to smooth out the area. If it is a more severe case, the entire driveway needs to be excavated – including both the asphalt and the base layers. Sink Holes Keep an eye on the small cracks in your pavement so they don’t turn into a sink hole before you have time to request a repair. These normally occur because of a weak foundation underneath the asphalt or a broken water line. The asphalt around the sink hole should be removed so the base can be properly fixed. Do you have a question about asphalt repair? Our specialists are here to help you find a solution. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, HASCO Inc proudly provides asphalt repair services to the greater Indianapolis area.

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