How to Prepare Asphalt for Winter

The cold weather is on its way, and you might be wondering how to prepare the asphalt on your commercial property for winter in Indianapolis. This is a common question as we approach the colder months, and we want you to be prepared. As many people are cleaning out their garages and gardens before winter, it’s important to take the same approach towards your asphalt pavement.

Schedule Preventive Maintenance 

As the temperature drops, there will be noticeable changes in your asphalt. There are repairs that can be made now that will help asphalt maintain high-performance levels throughout the winter season. When water freezes in the cracks of asphalt, it creates potholes and eventually destroys the asphalt over time. If asphalt is deteriorating, we recommend hot pour crack filling to prevent water from getting into the asphalt during the freeze and thaw cycle. Hasco is also available for full repaving to set you up for a smooth winter.

Clean Up The Area

It’s important to clear your parking lot of all debris and potential obstacles before snow removal season. We recommend professional cleaning to ensure that there will be a smooth and clear surface for snow removal machines. If the area isn’t clear, debris can create damage when snow removal vehicles come to work on the area. 

Watch For Standing Water

If you see standing water in your parking lot, contact one of our specialists immediately. These pools of water can turn into ice during the colder months, creating a safety hazard for people passing through. It’s especially important to have these areas repaired in commercial properties that see heavy traffic use all year long.

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