What You Should Know About Concrete Repair

It’s important to keep your commercial property in the best shape possible. So, when is it time to
schedule an appointment for concrete repair in Indianapolis? It’s normal for a business owner to
have questions about how they can take good care of their property. If you’re not sure how
much work your commercial property might need, it’s always best to ask an expert for advice.
To follow are some things you should consider for your commercial property below!

Evaluate The Level of Deterioration

Water is the number one enemy of concrete pavement and nothing can erode your concrete
parking lot faster than water and snow. Freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing applications of salts and
acetates, and pooling of melted snow widens existing cracks, forms holes, ultimately causing
concrete to crumble. The first step is learning to ask the right questions. Start by looking at the
integrity of the concrete. Is it starting to fall apart? Is it worn or chipped? The repair method will
vary depending on the level of deterioration. If the area is severely cracked and/or crumbling,
full replacement is the best option.

Installation Matters

If concrete is not installed properly, it can experience damage faster than a well-installed lot.
Make sure you choose a contractor that you trust. Our team has been working in the concrete
paving industry for over 20 years, and we know how important every step of installation is to
create a quality surface.

Think About Your Timeline

How long can the area be out of commission for repair? This is an important question
to ask your contractor as you make a decision about scheduling. Our team wants to create a
quick turnaround for your property so that you can get back to business as usual. We work
closely with our customers to customize a schedule to keep your business running smoothly
throughout the project.

Does The Damaged Area Pose a Safety Risk?

Extreme freeze/thaw cycles can cause a sidewalk or other areas of your parking lot,
especially those that transition from asphalt to concrete, to heave or rise as much as 2”
overnight – resulting in an immediate trip hazard. We can help level out the situation
and restore a safe surface with concrete patching, grinding or removal and replacement.
No matter the challenge, our knowledgeable team can recommend the best approach for your

Should We Use Asphalt Or Concrete?

Because concrete can support heavy loads, it’s typically used in areas such as dumpster pads
or loading areas. You may want to consider replacing existing asphalt areas that are
deteriorating due to trash trucks or other heavy loads. It’s also used for drainage areas because
it doesn’t absorb water and lasts longer than other construction materials. We can help you
decide the best material and approach for any area you’re considering.

Are you ready to get started? If you’re looking for a concrete repair expert in Indianapolis,
contact one of our specialists to learn more. Our team at HASCO would love to help you find the
best option for your commercial property!


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