Why You Should Invest in Parking Lot Maintenance

What’s the first impression people have when they pull into your parking lot? The look and functionality of your business shouldn’t be ignored, and parking lot maintenance is a must. It’s just as important to maintain the outside of your business as it is the inside. Parking lot maintenance shouldn’t just be an additional task on your list; it should be a necessity. 

Why Parking Lot Maintenance

When your parking lot is freshly paved, it’s the most flexible. 

However, over time, your parking lot asphalt will settle and become more rigid. Heavy traffic, harsh weather conditions, oil leaks, and more make it vulnerable to issues that threaten its longevity. When those issues are ignored, they can grow large-scale expenses that don’t fit in the budget. If you give your parking lot the proper care it needs, it will actually save money and last for years.

Where to Start

Whether you’ve just gotten a new parking lot or haven’t touched yours since it’s been paved, here’s where you can start. Our experts recommend sealcoating and crack sealing as two sure-fire ways to extend the life of your parking lot. 

Sealcoating should be done one year from the date of installation, to give the asphalt time to cure, and then be reapplied every two or three years after. Doing this gives your parking lot a solid defense against surface deterioration. 

As your asphalt settles and becomes more rigid, crack sealing will become another useful tool in your maintenance toolbox. Any existing cracks should be filled annually to help prevent damage from freeze/thaw cycles and water infiltration, which can weaken the base or sub-base of your asphalt parking lot.

Repair or Resurface

Has your parking lot developed cracks, potholes throughout the winter? While some small areas of deterioration or mild cracks can be repaired, major fractures in the pavement might require resurfacing. If you’re not sure what your property might need, our team will survey your lot and help you make the best decision for your business. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Asphalt Contractor

Some prefer to do parking lot maintenance on their own. While it might look like a win at first to take a cheaper route and do it on your own, the trade-off is that it might not be done correctly, further exacerbating the problem. 

If you’ve never done parking lot maintenance before, consider finding a professional you can trust to evaluate exactly what your parking lot needs. Often times you’ll be able to get an estimate for free. They can give you a good indication as to the state of your pavement, what is recommended, and the timeline of when that maintenance needs to take place to avoid any bigger, budget-draining problems. Asphalt work is a time consuming full-time job that requires the right equipment for a quality application. 

In fact, here at Hasco, our experts provide free, no-obligation estimates and can do just that. Get your parking lot maintenance started today by requesting an estimate.


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