What’s the first impression your customer sees before they enter the building? It’s an area that is often overlooked — the parking lot. It speaks volumes about your business, and it offers an opportunity to ensure your customers have a smooth arrival. While your parking lot might not be noticed by every person, it’s the only thing your customers will notice if it’s not well maintained.

We’ve put together three ways to improve your parking lot and create a positive first impression for your customers:

Clear All Debris

This is the best place to start. Some businesses aren’t sure what their parking lot actually looks like. Start by surveying the area. Walk around the perimeter of your lot. Pick up any waste products or debris covering the pavement. When you survey the lot, pay attention to any cracks or sinking in the pavement. If you need to hire a contractor, this information will be important for their assessment.

If your lot is still in good shape, clearing debris allows you to better showcase your business for your customers. A well-maintained parking lot can also boost your company’s reputation and communicate to your customers that you care about the environment. Ensuring that the area is clear is the first step to improve your parking lot.

Repair Deterioration, Cracks, and Uneven Surface Areas

There are a lot of different factors that impact how a customer views your company. The pavement is the first thing a customer will step foot on as they walk towards your business. It’s important to maintain your pavement’s quality so that a customer’s first impression is a positive one. Not only does ​pavement deterioration​ detract from your curb appeal, but it can potentially put vehicles and pedestrians at risk.

Uneven surface areas and cracks can cause more serious problems because water is able to enter through the pavement cracks. When water enters through these deteriorations, it creates deeper cracks in the underlying layers of the pavement. These cracks become more and more problematic as vehicles drive over the area. Repairing deterioration will allow your company to maintain a professional and welcoming appearance, as well as ensure the safety of your customers.

Seal Coating

You also can improve your parking lot by incorporating sealcoating. This tactic helps to keep your parking lot ​protected​ throughout the year. Mark your calendars because new asphalt should be ​sealed​ one year from the date of installation. This allows time for the asphalt to correctly cure. In order to keep your lot in good standing, plan to sealcoat your lot every two or three years after the first application. This is an important part of maintaining your lot, as it prevents surface deterioration and protects your asphalt investment.

When you have a clean and preserved parking lot, it maintains your reputation, boosts your professional look, and gives a positive first impression to customers. These things are very important to the success of your company, and they shouldn’t be overlooked. Improve your parking lot in the Indianapolis area today by requesting a free, no-obligation ​estimate​ with one of our experts!


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