Deterioration of an asphalt parking lot can be traced back to one (or a combination) of three main causes: the elements, heavy traffic, or neglect. While some of these causes are impossible to avoid, you can mitigate the risk they pose by understanding their impact and then creating a plan of response in a timely manner to maintain your parking lot.

Cause #1: The Elements

The elements are one of those causes that can’t be avoided, but you can lessen the long-term impact they have on your parking lot by repairing the damage on an annual basis. So what kind of elements do you experience in your area? Do you get a lot of rain? Long winters full of repetitive freeze and thaw patterns? Take stock of the weather patterns in your area and create a plan of action on how you’ll respond to them. This is where you can ask for guidance from an asphalt expert on what you should be doing to lower your deterioration risk due to the elements.

You can also tap into that expert to evaluate the grade of your parking lot to make sure that you aren’t stuck with a lack of proper drainage that creates standing puddles. Those summer rain storms can have a negative impact much like winter freezes do if you have water gathering and standing in your parking lot.

Cause #2: Heavy Traffic

For most businesses, heavy traffic is a good problem! But heavy traffic also has the potential to speed up the deterioration of your asphalt parking lot.

Consistent traffic and/or heavy loads can wear down your asphalt over time, creating pavement fatigue. One of the first signs of pavement fatigue is cracking that results from the layers of asphalt being worn down. While heavy traffic or loads might not be avoidable, you can lessen that impact by investing in annual crack sealing. This maintenance measure prevents moisture from gathering and pooling in the cracks, leading to bigger potholes and possible foundation issues.

Cause #3: Neglect

Pure neglect of your parking lot will eventually lead to deterioration too. That includes skipping the annual maintenance you might think you don’t need, waiting too long to patch a pothole, or choosing to forgo the necessary sealcoating on your new pavement.

Simple things like keeping your parking lot clear of trash and litter, cleaning up any oil spills, and doing proper snow removal can also lessen the impact of neglect on deterioration. In the moment it might seem easier to skip some of these simple items, but the long-term deterioration risk simply isn’t worth it.

Maintain Your Parking Lot

If you’ve never considered the causes of asphalt parking lot deterioration, you need a partner you can trust to help identify your risk and set up a plan to maintain your parking lot.

Whether you have an old parking lot that you aren’t sure is salvageable anymore or a brand new one that you aren’t sure how to take care of, our team of experts here at Hasco can assess the state of your parking lot, identify necessary repairs, help you plan out a maintenance schedule. As always, we provide an obligation-free estimate. Contact us today at (317) 769-PAVE to get started!


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